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Uncle Stas


 Uncle Stas grew up in a time where there was; no cable television, accept for those rabbit ears, no Internet, no FM radio, and the over-sized AM radio record player that only played 78 RPM records.  

Stas family could not wait for the weekend to come; to watch Dick Clark's Band Stand and a show called Shin Dig on television.

With Sunday being a day of worship, there were no store opened, families would visit other families share a bowl of home-made bean soup and home-made bread.

Sunday afternoon would be special when Uncle Stas would bring out his toy drums and play along with Hank Williams, Connie Francis,  and Glenn Miller etc.

As time went by Uncle Stas and his drums played with many bands on countless of weddings, sock hops, oldies dances etc.  He received many words of wisdom from legendary band leaders, and promoters, that not only help him with his music career but; showed him how blessed he was with his dream of music.

In 1985, one of Uncle Stas career highlights was when he became a Grammy nominee musician.  With the oldies music that he has in his heart today from yester- years; he is deeply honored to have the knowledge and the experience along with the wisdom of being that good entertainer and satisfying his audience.