Detailed Services !

Not only Uncle Stas has been Entertaining for many years but also has been specializing in Top Notch Entertainment detailed events. He has performed in countless of Weddings, Sweet Sixteen parties, Special Occasions and the list goes on.  Not only being Professional with Experience to our clients, but we are very proud to say that everyone had a great time and went home satisfied.

With your special occasion in mind, we will sit down with you and prepare your priorities on what is planned, and how we can help make your occasion memories last for a life time.

We also realize that if its a large or small Wedding, or a handful of guests at a small party the one thing you don't need to worry about is the Dj.  Experience always over comes any burden of Entertainment. Together we will walk through your suggestions and needs to make your day enjoyable,exciting with Top Notch Entertainment.

Special Occasion Parties

Birthdays *  Sweet Sixteen *  Graduation  * Holy Communion

Unlike other DJ websites that you get confused with their details and there different pricing of what clients could or cannot afford. We break it down very simple with two ways, BASIC or PREMIUM ! 

Your Basic and Premium goes together with how much or little Add-On you would want with your party. You can also Add On how many hours you want the Dj for. ITS THAT SIMPLE !  We generate a price to give you based on what you want.  Please keep in mind that we are always giving discounts on our Occasion Parties and Weddings. It does not hurt to ask !

There are to many Add-on to mention, but here are a few examples to pick from.

* Glow Sticks * Beads * Balloons * Blow Up Guitars * Dance Lighting * Gobo *

                                             *  Party Supplies  * Many More *

Please keep in mind that different age brackets leans on what they feel they may enjoy at their event

Wedding Packages

Its been stated for a number of years that the " BEST PRICE IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST DEAL " and that is so true when it comes down to what you can afford and the other factors that is involved. Venue rental, Cater cost, Food pricing per person, the list could keep going on and on with rising costs. 

Now its time to go shopping for a DJ where you look at countless of websites were they charge high dollars to the Entertainers to put there name out there for future clients. This price has to be worked into the quote that is given to the client some where and some how.

Well we do not have many pages with "WHAT YOU GET" kind of pricing, do to the simple fact that we don't know your details on what you are interested in and what you can afford.

We are " OLD SCHOOL " and believe in the " A LA CARTE PRICING " that forms into a Wedding package on what you can afford.

This form of pricing started with our family in 1970, when we started to Entertain at Weddings and has been going strong ever since.

Our Packages




* All of our packages include the following *

* Cocktail hour ( if needed ) * Sound System * Music Play List * NE-PA Travel * Professional Emcee * Client Consultation Planning * Dance Lighting * Professionally Dressed Dj * 

 Add on to form your package

Five Hours of Entertainment *  Second Play List (Father-Daughter / Mother-Son Dance,etc) * Up Lighting * Pin Spot Light On Cake * Custom Projector Slide Show * Custom Monogram Gobo (Your Name on the wall, floor, etc ) * First Dance On The Cloud * 

Contact us for your package price