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Uncle Stas is a traveling oldies dj; that brings his music to your location.  In the world, of dj's that plays all varieties of music that fits your occasion; Uncle Stas stands out by specializing in music of yesterday.  Along with his library of music he does play Country and Western, and selections of the Seventies.


While music sets the tone for the evening, a trip down memory lane can take you back to where you were, and what you were doing when that song was popular.   We all can remember when driving down the main street in your home town, and turning up the volume on the AM radio and feeling the music.

Do you remember running to the record store to purchase a 45 rpm record of, Dianne Ross and the Supremes, or Buddy Holly, or how about Patsy Cline and, we cannot forget about Hank Williams.  Uncle Stas takes you back and helps you relive those magical moments of yesterday.

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