Uncle Stas just a fast note to thank you for a job well done last week. You played a good variety of music and some of my old favorites that I remembered when I was young. Its nice to see that there is someone like you out there playing music like this. Thank you for a good night.

You are a hard working person. Would love to know where I can get those songs that you played. It sounded so real. Had a very good time !

Uncle Stas played for my parents 50th anniversary and we all had a great time..He not only played a good selection of oldies which we all wanted, but some of country that we forgot about. It gave a us a warm feeling inside hearing these songs again,like when we were growing up. Watching my mom and dad with there smile,showed us not only that  they were happy but brought friends and family together again.  Thank you Unclle Stas for doing that.

Thank you taking us back down memory lane. It was a perfect night.

Thank you Stas for giving us sore feet! We didn't dance like that in years and I must say it felt pretty good. You are very good on what you do,where are you going to be playing next ?

It was a refreshing time listening to the oldies and enjoying the evening. Hope you come back soon.

Uncle Stas,  We had a really good time last night. The songs you plays brought back so much memories. I recommend you to everyone.

I appreciate  a oldies dj that knows the music from when we grew up. I had   A fantastic time dancing to my favorite songs. I hope you come back again.

Had a very good time last week. We saw that there was a dance and didn't know if we should have gone. It was a pleasure listening to the songs we all know. Not only you kept us interested but your very funny on the mike !

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Had a wonderful time dancing last night. The time went by so fast. Thank you for playing Sherry by the four Seasons!

We will tell all of our   friends about you Uncle Stas, Had  one big super time !

We love your style of playing Uncle Stas !  Thanks for the requests !

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George and Jeanie Demko
Mr,Mrs Thortan
Judy & Donald Bolman
Amthony and Suzie Taris
Tim,Jackie Rollens
Jen & Craig Stewart
Dave and Carol Jenkins
Dee Williams
John and Stacy Winters

Than you for such a great time,Cant wait to do it again !

Uncle Stas, we had a great time last year at the 4th ward Convention and cant wait again this year. You sure was able to keep every one dancing. They will be contacting you very shortly.

You should be on radio Uncle Stas !  Had a blast last week. Keep going strong my brother !

WE forgot about the  limbo dance and cant remember last we did the twist, Thanks Uncle Stas.

Thank you for bringing back the memories,we could have danced all night long!

We never thought that the Oldies would sound so good again Uncle Stas.

Thank you for  The Blast from the Past  It took us back to  school.

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Jake Cornish
Brenda ,Joe Smith
Joseph Hardgrave
Derick Ames
Edith&Sam Bates
Teresa Samuels
Marjorie Brown
Cheryl Cowan
Rod Golden
Brittany Mackey

Truly enjoyed your oldies ! It was a good night out and had alot of fun.

Where will you be playing next Uncle Stas !

Was your jacket custom made, It fitted your style of music. When will you be back in Easton again ?

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Jessica Ballou
Eli Revira
Marie Stanovich